About New England REIA

Our Organization

Our mission since we began in 2004, has been to provide Education, Support & Networking to the Real Estate investment community. We look to benefit the experienced investor as well as those getting started. NEREIA Educational Meetings include; Speakers, Tools, Tips & Insights. Each meeting will have a topic and a featured speaker focused on a particular facet of Real Estate Investing. Keep your eyes open for upcoming educational events.

We are an organization that brings together people from all levels of education and experience in all areas of real estate to help build the powerful network that will make your business and life flourish. We meet once a month and provide our members with valuable real estate education from speakers on all different areas of real estate and we always provide time for networking. Our meetings are personal and powerful, providing an atmosphere perfect to build lasting business relationships and learn powerful skills and concepts.

We are the perfect organization to be a part of if you are in our area and interested in real estate!

Providing Real Estate Education

The resources you have available to you can make or break your real estate business. At New England REIA, we are dedicated to providing you with real estate education from all areas of the real estate industry. Our educational meetings are structured to provide valuable information that you can put into practice whether you are new to real estate or have been investing for years.

We look to provide our members with access to quality speakers that present us with value and insight that can be applied to your real estate business. Our intimate meeting environment is a great place to really connect with the speakers and learn the information being presented. Since we all know what it’s like to go to another Real Estate sales pitch, we make sure to invite speakers who are providing valuable information and limit our national speakers (who sell courses) to 1 or 2 months per year.

We are always looking to bring our members the information they are interested in. Let us know what you want to hear!

Connecting With Your Powerful Real Estate Networks

Building a Power Team is one of the most important parts of setting up your real estate business for success. At the New England Real Estate Investors Association, we bring the network to you each month to help you build your network! Our members are at all levels of experience and from all areas of real estate, giving you the opportunity to meet people who you want to work with.

NEREIA members enjoy our comfortable, intimate atmosphere because it allows for great networking with the attendees. Each month you’ll meet new people, trade information, and build the team you need to make real estate deals.

We look forward to having you on the team, so bring your business cards and come on down!