November Meeting – How To Work With Agents As An Investor – Matt Swierk & Yun Rhee

By DSD | October 24, 2019
november meeting
This month Matt Swierk and Yun Rhee will be our speakers! They both work with agents and investors, and know how important it is to grow valuable relationships to be part of your business team. The focus of this meeting will be on how to grow your agent network and train them on what you want to focus on in the industry.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • How to find agents that want to work with you
  • How to make a win-win situation
  • How to save time and energy growing your real estate business
  • The pros of getting your license as an investor.
  • About Our Speakers:

    Matt and Yun have been involved with real estate for 5 years starting out as an investor for buy and hold and fix and flip. Through this journey, they have also become agents who run a sales team at Legacy Star with Keller Williams. They work with everyone from sellers, buyers, and investors and have a team of people in every aspect of the industry.

    Matthew has a focus on growing the sales team and also growing the investment portfolio, while Yun also works with top agents and focuses on growth of the Keller Williams Merrimack Valley market center and coaches top agents in the area.

    You can learn more about them at

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