Member Benefits

We are so excited you have decided to join the New England REIA! Since we began in 2004, our mission has been to provide education, support, and networking to the Real Estate investment community. We look to benefit the experienced investor as well as those just getting started. We meet once a month, on the first Wednesday of each month, and provide our members with valuable real estate education from speakers on all different areas of real estate.

As a member, you get access to all sorts of perks from national businesses. Let your membership do its job in helping you succeed with your real estate business. Below is a list of discounts and services to help you get started and take advantage of your new membership. You can also go to for more in-depth information. Also, head to the National REIA website to create your account.

Education & Association Support – Annual Education Conference and CruiseMidYear Leadership Conference, and more!

Insurance Providers – Get a FREE QUOTE and an advisor to help you find the best insurance at RealProtect.

Landlord Resources – Receive a discounted set up fee at RentPerfect and 30% off standard listings at

Printing, Publishing & Office Supply – Get discounts on supplies and copies at Office Depot and discounts on shipments at PartnerShip.

Property Maintenance & Supply Discounts – Get access to The Home Depot Pro Xtra Loyalty Program and a 10% discount at 1-800-GOT-JUNK

Self-Directed IRAs – Get a FREE self-directed IRA at Equity Trust for one full year.

Travel Resources – Get specials savings when you rent with Avis and enjoys Budget‘s Fastbreak Service. Just let National REIA Travel assist you!

Other Resources – Receive special service and discounts as a member with the following companies:  Realeflow, BuildASign, REIFA, Constant Contact, Local Market Monitor, and CallFire