March 2020 Meeting – Dealflow In This Tough Market – Nick Aalerud

By DSD | February 12, 2020

Join us this month with our speaker, Nick Aalerud. He will be speaking about dealflow in this tough market.

You’re not the only one struggling to keep a consistent pipeline. This is a challenging market for new & experienced real estate investors. But, it doesn’t have to be.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • How to implement systems to keep potential deals rolling in regardless of whether it’s a buyer or seller’s market
  • How to “up” your game to compete in this market
  • How to be in the right place at the right time to secure the deal, “swarming the seller”
  • How to build trust & establish credibility with the seller, “are you there to buy or help?”

After spending hundreds of thousands on real estate investor education over the years, Nick realized there was a better way to help local investors. He doesn’t believe anyone should have to spend thousands on a national “guru” (who doesn’t even know the local market) to get started investing or even to scale their business.

This drove Nick to develop the Complete Dealflow System, an affordable online course & local community which teaches investors how to implement the systems to grow and scale a sustainable real estate investor business. Turn your hobby into a business – Implement the system & start investing in real estate with confidence!

About Our Speaker

Let me tell you a story about this guy I know.

Nick got out of college with a degree in Political Science – bullshit, as it’s known to most. Knowing there was no way he could make money with this and pay off all his newly collected student debt, he was lucky enough to get banking jobs, first at Federal Home Loan Bank in Boston, followed by an investment banker position with Mellon Financial / Bank of New York Mellon. Here is where he learned the basics of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds in the financial markets.

After being promoted twice, working 60-80 hours a week, holidays and weekends, managing a team both here and training a team in India, and still making less than $50K a year, he knew there had to be a better way.

He saw an infomercial on TV one night at 2 AM that convinced him to pay $49 to buy a binder of information on “how to buy real estate for pennies on the dollar.” The binder was decent, and spoke of tax lien investing – at the end of it was a small call to action that stated, “if you’re serious about investing in real estate, call this number…” Feeling somewhat naive, “I guess I’m serious,” he thought, he called the number. The best salesman in the world convinced him to pull out 3 different credit cards and pay for his first real estate training. $6000 for 3 months of phone coaching on how to start out in real estate. While Nick didn’t learn much that the binder didn’t already teach him – one of his homework assignments was to read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki – and then the entrepreneur spirit took over. He knew he had to get out of the rat race.

He then loaded up on classes and seminars, learning some, but not taking action for some time. Finally he got his first opportunity – an out of state investor approached him and claimed to have 5 real estate deals all set up (all $400K and up) – make money when we bought, rent them for 3 years and then make money when they sold to a lease option buyer. Closing on 5 in one week, feeling so proud of himself, he finally had cash from the closings to make up for all his courses. All was going well until the partnership call on Monday – and the guy didn’t show up. Contracts weren’t real, there were no renters, and all the money that had just been made at the closings went to paying property managers to manage the 5 homes and attorneys to chase him down … 6 months later, his first 5 deals in real estate, ended up with 4 short sales, 1 foreclosure, and $400K in promissory notes and debt.

Now he had no credit OR cash to play with, and was afraid of the phone, due to all the collections calls he was receiving. His phone was ringing… every…38 seconds…. with automated calls.

After turning off his phone and sticking his head in the sand for 6 months – with the help of a mentor, he learned to take control. “I screwed this up. This was my fault, and no one else’s. Now how the hell do I make all this money back?”

Knowing that mindset and the network was everything, he needed a new motto to force himself back into the grind. “Shut Up and Do It” rang in his ears. That was it – he blew up that line and put it everywhere. He then forced himself to start going out to local clubs and events. He knew he had to make firm rules and stick by them – no matter how many extra calls he had to make or doors he had to knock on to get a deal that worked. He started up a new wholesaling business, raising cash in the Boston market by selling off contracts to other condo developers. Finally, after another 8 months, he had enough money for his first down payment on his own rehab project.

More than 15 Years later, he grew his experiences into an engine where his firm completes over 100 deals a year, has owned & partnered in over 400 rental units in 4 different states, is a partner in multiple businesses and franchises, including founding a super innovative and investor friendly sales and brokerage firm (AA Premier Properties), co-founding the premier Debt Settlement Firm in New England specializing in working with agents, attorneys and homeowners (Short Sale Mitigation LLC), has the most unique value-oriented management company in the northeast (Peak Performance Property and is a best-selling author, accomplished speaker, podcaster, educator and trainer for investors, real estate agents and attorneys in the New England area. He has also gathered up his own experiences and has published his own Systems Manual with a focus on staying motivated called, The Complete Dealflow System.

Boom. You already know where this guy is – he’s talking to you right now. So let’s make it happen and #ShutUpAndDoIt.

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