June 2018 – You Can’t Get A Loan Without Property Insurance – Jen Aalerud

By DSD | May 30, 2018
June 2018 - You Can't Get A Loan Without Property Insurance - Jen Aalerud-feature

This June, Jen Aalerud, “Your Insurance Chick,” will be speaking to us about property insurance. Her passion for insurance and helping others makes her a great resource for all your insurance questions. So, come get a kiss from Your Insurance Chick and a boatload of useful knowledge that will save you time and money!

What You Can Expect To Learn:

  • WTF does that mean? —Interpreting and reading between the lines
  • How does it work? —Get in front of how loss is calculated to mitigate your costs
  • How the big guys set it up when they were little —Success stories from clients and what they did differently!

Jen Aalerud began her Insurance Chick career in 2006. After watching her mom come back to health from being hit by a truck in 2001, and the frustrating experience her dad had in the insurance process during her care, it became Jen’s passion to take her talent for helping people and channel it towards protecting them in that complex process. Why Your Insurance Chick? Simply put, she works for you! Jen believes in choices, flexibility, and freedom. This is her underlying mission. Working for clients as an independent insurance agent allows the freedom to explore all possibilities available for you and your current, growing needs.

To find out more, visit Jen’s website here.

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