March 2019 – Crushing Your Real Estate Business In 2019 – Nick Aalerud

By DSD | February 25, 2019
March 2019 - Crushing Your Real Estate Business In 2019 - Nick Aalerud-feature
This talk isn’t just for new investors! The market has already begun to shift in a new direction – are you going to thrive, or be caught with your pants down? There are a ton of gurus out there still pushing strategies that ONLY WORK in a hot market – but what happens when the market shifts, and your methods DON’T? Some of the biggest investors and developers in the country got caught in the last downturn, with foreclosures, bankruptcies, and destroying their entire credit and financial lives. I know, since I was one of them. Even if you’ve done a bunch of profitable deals over the last few years, you’re going to need to prepare.
How do you prepare to rehab and wholesale in a declining marketplace? How do you properly set up your business for SCALABILITY? Come check out this new presentation with Nick Aalerud!
 You Will Learn:
  • What’s projected to happen in the next few years
  • Why this downturn is DIFFERENT than the 2007/2008 downturn
  • Additional factors and threats we need to consider
  • How to best plan and take action with these in mind
And a Part Two Segment on Setting Up Your ACTION PLAN for 2019:
  • How to begin the goal setting process every year
  • The importance of energy audits
  • Assessing what’s needed to grow
  • How do I know where to allocate my resources?
  • The “Magical Action Plan Formula”
  • What am I supposed to do every single day/week/month, for a successful business? Why routines are everything.
  • Best practices for ultimate success
  • BONUS: How do I know if I’m on track? (What measurements should I be keeping?)
Nick Aalerud graduated with a politics degree. Having realized not many people like politicians or lawyers, he went into investment banking with stocks, bonds, and mutual funds – and then discovered real estate & business systems, which have led him to be a full-time real estate investor for over 10 years.
After a very bad start and rough first five deals (ask him the story – he’ll tell you!) Nick’s redevelopment company, The AA Real Estate Group, has completed over 200 deals since its inception including, rehabs, lease options, condo conversions, buy & hold rentals, and multi-unit buildings. The firm’s current deals are being done all over New England, including MA, NH, Southern ME, and CT, with others in PA and FL. He also is a partner in multiple business franchises including, a new kind of investor-friendly real estate brokerage (AA Premier Properties) and also works with Maryann Little as a partner in Short Sale Mitigation, a multi-state debt settlement firm, servicing and educating sellers, real estate agents, attorneys and investor buyers.
He’s an accomplished speaker, educator & trainer in the New England markets, and has spoken on the regional stages with other educators like Wendy Patton, David Lindahl, Larry Goins and Lou Brown. He is passionate through his own systems manual, he has published, “The Complete Dealflow System”, that has a motivational focus on turning your real estate hobby into a business that creates a consistent stream of deals.
His focus is now on servicing his financial investors, education and mentoring students, and continuing to systematize his businesses and locate solid opportunities in both the single-family and multifamily industries.

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