April 2019 – How & Why To Use Video In Your Marketing – Rhiannon McHugh

By DSD | March 20, 2019
How & Why To Use Video In Your Marketing-feature
Join us this April with our very own, Rhiannon McHugh! This month she will be talking about video marketing and what it can do for your business. Video is one of the most effective forms are marketing and there are many ways that you can implement it in your business. This presentation will talk about ways in which you can use video in your marketing. And we’ll go over some tips and guidelines on how you can make videos for yourself.
You Will Learn:
  • Ideas for how to use video in real estate
  • How to brainstorm and plan good ideas
  • Filming Quick Tips
  • How to share your video to get the most out of it
Rhiannon McHugh co-founded Do Something Different Media in 2008 and since then she’s worked with clients and companies across the country, helping them with their marketing strategy, content creation, and media production.
As a successful business woman, Rhiannon understands the ins and outs of video media and what it can do to help businesses, big and small, become successful, too. Check out her website at www.dosomethingdifferentmedia.com to learn more about her and her company and the strategies they use to help local and national businesses!
Along with her business, Rhiannon has also been the organizer of the NEREIA since 2009, inviting great speakers to each meeting and encouraging each of our members to be the best realtors they can be.

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