January 2019 – Generating Leads in the Digital Age – Greg Spurr

By DSD | December 20, 2018
January 2019 - Generating Leads in the Digital Age - Greg Spurr-feature

Join us for our first meeting of the year with Greg Spurr! He will be speaking about reviewing the art of prospecting in this new age of information and focusing on how lead generation strategies are evolving as information and data are becoming digital. The most common ways to find leads for your business are through traditional avenues, such as direct mail campaigns or online advertising, including pay per click. While those methods can be effective, they’re also expensive. In this new age of information, there are now highly effective ways to find leads! We’ll review how you can create very specifically targeted leads for your business with a LinkedIn account.

However, after you’ve created a lead list, it’s still very difficult to get your leads to respond to you. We’re all constantly bombarded with countless emails and sales calls, so how can you stand out? We’ll also review effective ways to get your leads talking to you.

Topics covered and what you can expect to learn:

  • Reviewing a Mindset to Help You Overcome Adversity and Rejection in Prospecting
  • Reviewing an Approach to Prospecting that Can Make the Pursuit of New Business More Enjoyable
  • How to create specifically targeted leads lists on LinkedIn for your business. Including, how to find your leads on LinkedIn that share common hobbies, interests, and school or work experiences with you!!
  • We’ll also have a special focus on how you can apply LinkedIn strategies to your real estate business. Looking for buyers? We’ll review how to have LinkedIn notify you when new people are added to your target market!!!

Greg originally joined the New England REIA back in 2011. He was a real estate agent from 2006 to 2009. Since then he has been in sales and business development.

This is a meeting you won’t want to miss…See you in January!


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